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Arriving H🌀ME

When we're finally home, wherever/whenever that place might be, we overcome the divisive political banter with intentional conversations with those we choose to love–even if it's just ourselves. For centuries now, the richest storytellers have profited from dividing and segregating society with anxieties about the way things should be and the outliers/outlaws that ruin it for all; it's time to start taking our story back.

As I, Josué, have found my way home from West Chicago, to Central NY, to Los Angeles,  I've accumulated a few tools. I'm sharing here to help you cultivate a sense of home no matter where you are or whom you're sharing it with.

OTWay Media’s “Welcome H🌀ME” is a package of mindful tools and media literacy talks for students & families to use in dialogue with each other and those they love. The goal is to nourish their own sense of home while rooting out harmful and fear-based stories/ideologies as they write and re-write their own story.  While you craft a love-centered story, don't forget to share the love with those you love.

spread love, not the virus

Off / On The Way

There's time for everything,
you flip the switch

Let's Get Lit(erate): the invitation to examine the latest media circus headline or pop culture artifact  –of your choosing– with a critical and literate eye.

☯️ ON / OFF
Tool: Breathe & Proceed
Talk: Study the Story
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Above the Clouds

I am whole; I am empty; I am worthy; I am... I AM✨

After diving deep with literacy, let's take a breath, and some steps back… let's center on al that we are

Tools: Circles of Care
Find 1Window into the NOW
Talks: There's nothing wrong with you
poem for presence
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Keyboard and Mouse

Once you've spent some time feeling all the magic that you are (I Am), now you can

channel some of that ✨ into love.

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Activity: Journal Sessions
1 Activity: Our Story :: Your Story
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Talk: Glimpse of Grief
Family with Tablet

Don't buy into despair or hatred.

Love hard. Love fully.

Love those who are ready for you, ready for your love.

And if you have some more to spare,

love on those who need it.

Connect OTway

The longterm goal is to grow our own mindful media ecosystem that we

co-curate to combat the excessive fear and anxiety that spreads around us:

we start in the forum, one post at a time.

🌀ne radical vision of love from me,

🌀ne from you.


Whether you join or not

OTWay invites everyone to share what home means to you. In our forum or on social media, spread love to your digital communities! 


Just make sure to use the hashtag #OTWayHome so we can see where your journey has brought you 😌

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