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Seed Packets

The Media has always shaped the way we understand the world around us, add Big Tech & Big Data, personalized fear –I mean feeds– and it’s no wonder we grow more divided.


So, how do you win a culture war? Spread love, not the virus.

I’m Josué Emmanuel and I’m on a mission to plant seeds of love.

As a SoCal-based transmedia storyteller and mindful media educator from West Chicago,

I became creatively awakened through an arts education. Now, I work with organizations like:

the Smithsonian Institution, the LA Neighborhood Land Trust, LA County Parks, and universities

to help organizations and storytellers refine and rewrite their brand story.

OTWay Media meets rising misinformation and social division by offering schools, libraries, and community organizations lesson plans to raise consciousness and compassion.

Our mindset and media routines are plagued by anxiety and fear. OTWay Media nourishes healthier ways of relating with programming and communications consulting

Email me at to find out how you can plant a seed.

Join Josué On The Way!

thanks for sharing some love

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