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As a nomad, child of immigrants on turtle island, I've learned from the turtles to carry my home on my back.

I'm grateful to have redefined what home means to me, with many of you. In West Chicago, the central valley of Mexico, NY, LA, or OTWay, I'm home wherever I can be myself. Maybe you haven't met all of me but I believe you have been or will be instrumental in my becoming, which is why I'm inviting you to join my journey,

OnTheWay H🌀ME.


After being locked up in my LA apartment for most of the pandemic, I thought my journey on the way home was a simple road trip from LA to my family in Chicago, and on the way I discovered that Home is much more expansive:


Driving through the South West on my way to Chicago, in the same shaky Rav4 that drove me to Los Angeles, CA from Syracuse, NY (2018): felt nothing short of miraculous. I made it all the way to my grandma's house with a tank half full and a heart full of memories. But the journey home continued... I was humbled to find home alongside Water Protectors in Minnesota in the ongoing fight to #stopline3. I drove all the way back to Onondaga (Syracuse) and fell in love with the people, the road, and myself. The circle was completed back in Chicago and I flew back to LA, changed.

season one - july to august 2021

In Spring 2022, I left LA to continue my life ontheway.

I moved out of my apartment to begin my journey of financial freedom: wish me luck!

I left for a month-long backpacking trip from Southern Mexico to my brother's wedding and my grandparents' graves: celebrating life, death, and love. I was privileged to anchor my journey in a fresh and ancestral truth. #OTWayHome

season two - april 2022