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That you are here—that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on,

and you may contribute a verse.

-Walt Whitman


OTWay Media is a counterstorytelling consulting collective that offers social media, video production services, and programming for businesses –– while providing media literacy and storytelling lesson plans for students & storytellers in the digital age.

This project started when, founder, Josué Emmanuel Muñoz spent a semester at home during their undergrad at the Newhouse School of Public Communications. Spending hours with their youngest sister and her trusty iPad changed Josué's purpose as a storyteller.


OTWay was born out of the understanding that technology is not good or bad but the learning process of creating a healthier balance with tech and media is in the hands of each participant. You are your own teacher and OTWay is here to facilitate and support your learning process.

about OTWay.Media

about OTWay.Media


get clarity, find stillness,

join the conversation

We approach counterstorytelling with three core pillars:

I Am - Mindfulness is the key tool to being with our own void and loving our own yin and yang

Let's Get Lit! - Critical literacy is the process of reading what we consume, be it media, food, or emotions

Cre8 - Taking our elevated perspective to create messages and tell our story with intention and purpose: living our values

“Counterstorytelling,” in short, is a process that equips participants with the critical media literacy to challenge the dominant story and center a new humanizing vision: Us VS The Problem. Always mindful about age-appropriate dialogue OTWay counterstories empower the storyteller to craft and contribute their own verse: Spread Love.

rinse & repeat

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