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Welcome H🌀ME

Exploring love back to and beyond our traditional notions of home

#OTWayHome is an acknowledgment of home as a sacred space we cultivate within; sometimes with family or chosen family, and other times on our own but it comes with a great sense of being whole. Who or what is home 4 you?

Let's take time to feel out what you need to release; then, pick out the most important highlights of your 🌀 and share them with someone to whom you want to return some love to. Feel free to add your own spice and flavor to any of this, or share your own tools. I would love to hear your family success (or not) stories; if you have any to share this season, the comment section will be waiting for you.


But actually, though, I want to know what is  H 🌀M E  for you and how are you sharing it with those you love during this pandemic? With ya'll I hope to cultivate a media environment rooted and built on that kind of content.

intro tools:

Every brave space needs tools.

Chances are you have some of your own,

here are some of our favorites:

*bring your own journal & pen(cil)

Most important tool in any conversation:
set an intention

Tropical Leaves

tiny talks:

The point is to connect: how you connect and what you choose to talk about, is up to you

but here are some of ours to send you OTWay

Tropical Leaves

Let's Get Lit(erate)!


With this package, I wanted to be able to offer ONE conversation for you to share and engage with at your own pace. Designed by a family therapist to empower and forgive yourself and your family as we arrive on the same page.

The tools and more are here to help get through it!

3 pages total; give yourself 40-60 minutes per page and give each other space to listen. Chunk it out at your convenience

more tools:

we have a few more we really love

& some new ones being tested out

Some things need to come out but sometimes what we most need to say doesn't come out right: that's okay. 

Here OTWay, folks are challenged to efficiently and poetically get your truth down to 6 words; everything else that comes out is to support that core truth.

Let's honor the divine in every (loving) exchange.

love &

Whether you share on our forum or social media we look forward to seeing
you grow #OTWayHome

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