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Choose your pricing plan

  • Arriving H🌀ME

    Every year
    Spreading Love OTWay to a brighter new year
    Valid for 4 years
    • Life-long access to Home 101
    • 3 OTWay forum rewrites per category
    • Foundational Tools & Talks to share
    • Front Row Seat to Josué's journey OTWay HOME
  • Basic Blog +

    Simple free way to follow the journey OTWay
    Valid for 6 months
    • Blog+
    • Spend time with Sway, on the way
  • Welcome H🌀ME+

    Nourish your home with everyone and everything you love
    Valid for 3 years
    • Life-long access to Welcome Home 101
    • Unlimited changes to forum response
    • 90 minutes (1-on-1) OTWay with sway
    • Your own private group to build home
    • A special place in Josue's heart
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