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mindful media storytelling for intergenerational audiences

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Nourishing mindfully  engaged storytellers:

1 conversation at a time

Where is the mindful media conversation going next?

OTWay Documentary project of Josué's nomadic exploration of home

The OTWay framework (spreading love, not the virus) designed to be enjoyed with those you love: blood relatives, chosen family, or your peers.

In-Person or Online:

the long-term goal with OTWay is to develop a love-centric mindful media community & newsfeed


For now, we come together to digest the media we've ingested and release a more loving vision of what's possible.

reading & writing

the world around us

We're #OTWay to building a more humane society,


If you're not on the way with everyone else,

you might be  in  the way. So, get  out  the way &

✨ join us when you're ready ✨

everyone is welcome #OTWay
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