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is this your first time #ontheway?

Updated: May 9, 2020

I've written this message before but i'll keep it simple here.

We all want a better tomorrow, whether it's our health, our creativity, or relationship with others and the real world. I don't believe life is about getting to that point but if you do, I wish you the best of luck. Rather than always being in pursuit of something, why not allow yourselves the gift of being #ontheway to your better self.

OTWay.Media is a community of folks having a cultural conversation about mindful media. What, how, and why do we consume what we put in our mouths and our minds? How do we digest and release everything that comes in? And finally, how can we make sure our messages and social interactions spread love and not fear.

Most importantly, OTWay.Media is a space to share collected resources and tools so we can help the young people in our lives navigate their digital life with a bit more intention. No one is asking us to be perfect, we will make mistakes but this is not the time to get shy and give into social anxiety. There are people we love and people that love us, that are experiencing swings to their mental health due to nonstop changes to our environments and the way we live our lives. But there's hope.

I– Josué Muñoz –find hope in my siblings, teachers, and friends, many family and community members who have invested so much into my well-being, why not return the favor. You decide how much you invest in your contributions of tools and resources to the digital community but we provide you with enough to start your own conversation with people you love.

For the latest ontheway resources and conversations, "Like" OTWay Media on Facebook or on Instagram.

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