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The Seed

When we plant a seed. There are many things mother Earth has taught us, humans, to do to support that growth and development. Before you get a strong and healthy flower/tree/fruit, a lot of support is required.  

COMING SOON: support a seed. who can you love and nourish? we got this time on our hands. spend time nourishing others and watch ….. f e e e e l …. how that impacts you. Nourish others and feed your spirit.


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Image by Markus Spiske

Who is a seed you can nourish? Close your eyes, imagine what they’ll become as they flourish. don’t rush it, meet them where they’re at. Ask them what they need. Instead of asking Google, ask yourself, what did I need? Can I love and trust myself enough to become that person. The best part is you don’t have to be fully developed to engage, you’ll just need a tad of grace. 

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