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1.2 Tool: Us Vs The Problem


OTWay Home 101



Think about the problem as a virus, not the person that's been contaminated;

When a disagreement or misalignment of perspectives erupts it can feel like one is deadlocked in a confrontation where only you or your relative can come out alive. Congrats, you have identified the biggest lie of our present social media culture:: you are not your ideology; you are not your ideas, thoughts, or beliefs. You are you :) They are them, and I am. If I get upset with a Dehumanizing belief you shared, I can refrain from attacking you and specify that we have to do better to remove that language from our collective vocabulary.

Truth is, most of our media sources benefit from feeding (us) their audiences, fear-based oversimplifications of the world around them in the shape of ""us vs them.""
The best thing we can do is attempt to paraphrase the concern or anxiety that our relative is speaking to so that they can see us as part of their us. We can overcome any problem."

"Respect for others and yourself & Take space & make space (listen)*

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