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Beginning OTWay Home: first steps out of LA

Getting ready for my first Roadtrip since I drove to LA (2018) is naturally anxiety inducing on its own. Add COVID. Now add the fact that I'm literally following my dream and saying hello to the possibility of failure and trusting that I am one with the way. To feel fear and move forth any way has always easier said than done. b r e a t h e , todo va a salir bien.

One recent trick I learned from my therapist, is to breathe mindfully and check in with my stomach (where I personally carry and numb my emotional world). The trick is to breathe with it and bring your attention to your POWER – yes, your feelings are your power. They have a big sway over what we do and don't do; so instead of allowing them to overwhelm me, I can interpret that (sometimes scary) fire in my body as power.

I take off from LA, to Arizona the weekend of July 22: I'm excited and scared of what I will get to experience and won't have the time to try. But if I've learned anything about life, I that we create and manifest what we make time for, plan, and seek.

But I'm still learning to plan.

To help me navigate my emotional sphere, I'm taking a break from Marijuana: the anxiety of withdrawal following my last joint often feels never-ending. And while some of you could never see yourself smoking weed, I know you have your own vice that you return to in order to ease discomfort: to be honest, screens/movies/TV shows are my greatest go to when I want to focus my attention on anything but my feelings.

These emotionally trying times remind me of the need to "come home" to myself, NOW. breathe IN (home, grounding myself and my body in now) and breathe OUT (release anxiety, stress, fear, and waht does not serve you): repeat 2-3 times or as many times as you can and allow yourself to feel the difference in your body.

I know the journey's in motion,

I feel the moon's phases like waves in the ocean;

chugga chug chug on– like a sustainable locomotion.

Grateful for all we've given and all we continue to declare.

To be quite honest, I can't afford to care

Our God keeps flooding me with truths

and I can't postpone the share.

Thank you creator for all that you've done

thank you for the convos, that we lost & won.

I win or learn – choose not to loose

and it is all possible

if we breathe while we bruise.

Thank you for sharing your time, I promise to make these more engaging but for now, I gotta get back to packing my bags and get ready for my media literacy/beyond the culture war presentation TOMORROW (07/17). Thank you always for your love and support<3

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